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Qingdao Auto Star Trading Co., Ltd., with rich experience in vehicle industry, specializes in exporting new automobiles and used cars as well as spare parts from China. We have strong and steady supply chain of new energy battery powered to traditional fuel vehicles, not only passenger cars but also commercial cars. Moreover, we can provide special vehicles such as engineering trucks, ambulances, fire engines etc.

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Comprehensive Automotive Solutions
Value-Added Services Beyond Sales

In our platform, we do more than just sell cars — we provide a complete automotive ecosystem. From real-time logistics tracking to customized video promotions, from comprehensive vehicle presentations to high-visibility client company promotions, our value-added services are designed to offer you a one-stop automotive purchasing and operation experience. Whether it's new energy vehicles, used cars, or auto parts, our dedicated team is committed to fulfilling every need. Explore our distinctive service section and discover how to elevate your automotive purchase and operation to a new level.

  • Logistics Tracking

    Stay updated with real-time information on your orders through our website, keeping track of your shipments at all times.

  • Video Promotion

    Customized videos featuring your logo for local vehicle advertising, enhancing your brand visibility.

  • Vehicle PowerPoint Presentations

    Detailed PowerPoint presentations to help you understand our vehicles better, offering comprehensive insights.

  • Client Company Promotion

    Annually, we feature client logos on our cars in racing events, along with offering promotional videos for enhanced exposure.

  • Vehicle Customization

    Tailored vehicle modifications to meet your specific needs, ensuring a personalized touch.

  • Automotive Parts Supply

    Alongside vehicles, we provide essential automotive parts, ensuring a one-stop solution for all your automotive needs.