BMW shows the future style of its brands on the Group Night

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BMW shows the future style of its brands on the Group Night

May 17th ,2024

At the 2024 BMW Group Night held recently, the group's two major brands, BMW and MINI, demonstrated a leap forward in the history of the brand, and a major presentation closely related to the Chinese market: the BMW new generation concept car made its debut in China. It shows a leap forward in design, technology and concept of BMW brand and products, and reveals the characteristics of the next generation product series: "very future, more BMW". MINI's first pure electric crossover model, MINI Aceman, made its world debut, and the all-new electric MINI Cooper also officially debuted in China. Together with the all-new MINI Countryman, they form a new MINI family, announcing that MINI, a brand full of personality, has entered a new era.


Zipse, Chairman of the BMW Group, said: "Electrification, digitalization and sustainable development are major trends in the automotive industry and define the future of cars. BMW's new generation models combine core innovations in the three major areas of future mobility.' New Generation 'is more than just a car, it represents the beginning of a new next-generation BMW product range."


The new generation model (Neue Klasse) was originally the general name for a series of very successful BMW models in the 1960s. As a company with a history of a hundred years, proactive change, continuous innovation and comprehensive responsibility are the key factors for the BMW Group's success across cycles. With the launch of the classic new-generation series of models, the company has carried out comprehensive innovations in its product lineup and R&D, production and marketing models, laying a solid foundation for BMW's success today. With this as a reference, the BMW Group calls a series of new models that will be put into production globally in 2025 the "New Generation", which represents another major strategic step forward for this series of products from design, technology to car manufacturing concepts. The BMW Group Once again, we will welcome a new future with new vision, new strength and new products.


With the launch of this new generation of models, we will reshape the entire company and our influence on the future of mobility. This means: more pure driving pleasure, more digital experiences, and more sustainable applications. In short, it will be better than ever before. BMW," Zipzer said.


"New generation" represents BMW's rethinking of personal travel and its continued progress in the field of technology: in terms of electric drive technology, the new generation model will use the sixth-generation BMW eDrive electric drive technology and cylindrical batteries for the first time, with energy density, The cruising range and charging speed have been significantly improved; in terms of human-computer interaction, the new generation models will be equipped with BMW's first panoramic view bridge, which represents a quantum leap in head-up display technology. The new generation of models will adopt a new electronic and electrical architecture and advanced "domain control" design. An intelligent center composed of four "super brains" will elevate the intelligent driving experience and pure driving fun to a higher dimension. "New Generation" is BMW's leader in innovation, and its innovative results will gradually be applied to all future BMW models.


The classic British brand MINI under the BMW Group also uses a strong new family lineup to demonstrate the MINI brand's persistence in reshaping classics and its innovative power of continuous inspiration, which perfectly interprets the essence of MINI's individual and independent brand. The two newly born electric members - the new electric MINI Aceman and the new electric MINI Cooper inherit the iconic concept of the classic MINI, and incorporate more new connotations into the MINI brand DNA through digitalization and electrification. The industry's first circular OLED instrument panel brings a unique visual presentation, and behind it is a pioneering achievement brought about by the difficult adaptation of software UI/UX. Another major essence of the MINI brand - the go-kart-like driving pleasure is also "not to be outdone". With the blessing of electric power, the vehicle's center of gravity is lower, the four wheels are wider, the power output is faster, and the driving dynamics are comprehensively improved. It is a classic that people love The control feeling of the fuel version is still there, but the purely electric-driven MINI is better to drive. Under the collision of classics and innovation, MINI has once again sublimated its unique brand charm, making the new MINI family more MINI than ever.


BMW Group's China strategy is closely related to its transformation and leapfrog. 2024 marks the 30th anniversary of the BMW Groups entry into the Chinese market. At the age of 30, the BMW Group has not only established the world's largest production system in China and the largest R&D system outside of Germany, but has also developed an all-round smart electric vehicle supply chain. BMW is committed to creating a win-win situation with its Chinese partners and starting a new era together.