LIXIANG MEGA: Revolutionary Electric MPV with Over 700km Range

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LIXIANG MEGA: Revolutionary Electric MPV with Over 700km Range

Mar 7th ,2024

On March 1, at the LIXIANG Motors Spring 2024 press conference, LIXIANG Motors officially launched its first pure electric MPV - the MEGA, with an official starting price of 559,800 yuan and immediate delivery upon release.

In terms of appearance, the LIXIANG MEGA features a very individualistic design. The official statement from LIXIANG Motors is that the design of the vehicle pursues extreme simplicity without excessive decoration, focusing on the balance between soft and hard surfaces. The MEGA's body lines are smooth, and after undergoing aerodynamic testing in the wind tunnel of the China Automotive Technology & Research Center, it achieved a drag coefficient of 0.215, making it the model with the lowest drag coefficient among mass-produced MPVs.

The front hood of the vehicle integrates seamlessly with the star ring lights, also aiding in streamlining the airflow over the front of the vehicle to reduce drag. The lines of the front of the vehicle flow smoothly to the rear and are pressed down at the tail, forming an overall teardrop-shaped roof design. The position of the B-pillar is the highest point of the vehicle and also where passengers enter and exit, making this layout more convenient for passenger access. At the rear of the vehicle, the MEGA also features an aerodynamic separation line to organize the airflow passing over the tail of the vehicle.

Like the LIXIANG L series models, the MEGA also has a U-shaped functional area below the front face, inheriting features such as the lights, sensors, and cooling grille. To meet the cooling requirements of 5C fast charging, the grille and air ducts of the MEGA have been newly designed to improve cooling performance.

The rear of the vehicle also applies the U-shaped functional area design, integrating the streaming rearview camera, ADAS camera, surround-view cameras, ultrasonic sensors, and more in this area. In terms of dimensions, the MEGA measures 5350mm in length, 1965mm in width, and 1850mm in height, with a wheelbase of 3300mm. These dimensions make the MEGA slightly larger than the Toyota Alphard.

Stepping inside, the interior design of the LIXIANG MEGA largely follows that of the L9, adopting a minimalist design style. Notably, the total glass area of the MEGA reaches 8.26 square meters, effectively enhancing the overall transparency of the vehicle. With all seats in their standard positions, both the second and third rows of the MEGA offer spacious seating areas.

Regarding the infotainment screens, the new vehicle is equipped with Samsung's fourth-generation OLED displays, with dual 15.7-inch screens for the front row and a 17-inch screen for the rear row, supporting Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos experiences. The projection channel has been upgraded from 3 channels to 8 channels. The vehicle's chipset is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295, with upgraded CPU and GPU performance. The voice interaction system has been upgraded to support vehicle-wide hands-free operation and concise responses and is equipped with LIXIANG's self-developed Mind GPT intelligent interaction function. For the audio system, the LIXIANG MEGA comes with the LIXIANG Platinum Sound System, standard with 21 speakers and a maximum output of 2160 watts.

In terms of intelligent driving assistance, the LIXIANG MEGA supports full-scenario intelligent driving, full-scenario assisted driving, intelligent parking, and active safety functions. Specifically, these include follow-navigation autonomous driving, autonomous entry and exit from complex ramps, perception of unconventional traffic lights, pedestrian avoidance on narrow roads, remote parking, valet parking, and full-speed AEB, among others.

A more generalized BEV bird's-eye view model: Independent of high-precision maps, the BEV algorithm understands the road to achieve a bird's-eye view of all-around perception, real-time sensing, and cognitive supplementation of complex road structures such as lane lines, stop lines, and crosswalks. Compared to OTA 5.0, the BEV model's scene generalization capability has been further enhanced.

Enhanced TIN end-to-end traffic light intent network: The training model improves the recognition of traffic lights and the matching relationship between traffic lights and lanes at complex intersections. For a single intersection with multiple traffic lights and lanes, an end-to-end model handles the matching. The TIN network's recognition accuracy for such non-standard traffic lights has also been further enhanced through tracking and some prior information.

The Occupancy network recognizes everything: It can accurately identify standard road participants (vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, etc.) and irregular objects on the road through a pure vision Occupancy network (such as lost cargo, stones, large trees blocking the road, etc.). The game theory has been upgraded to a bidirectional master-slave game, considering the impact of the vehicle's driving behavior on itself in space and time in the near future, to flexibly find opportunities and make decisions.

In terms of passive safety, the LIXIANG MEGA comes standard with 9 airbags, including a standard far-end airbag, with side air curtains extending 3.2 meters, covering the entire side of the vehicle. According to official data, the white body of the LIXIANG MEGA is about 5.18 meters long, with a torsional stiffness of 44,000 Nm/Deg.

The seats are exceptionally comfortable and well-equipped. 

The MEGA's seats emphasize comfort, with both front seats featuring ventilation/heating/massage (16-point massage) functions, and the driver's seat also supports cushion firmness adjustment. Additionally, the seats can adaptively adjust the cushion support's firmness based on the suspension mode setting. The co-driver's seat supports a "queen seat" mode, with an integrated electric leg rest extending at an angle of up to 65 degrees.

The second row has two independent seats, with a front-to-back movement of 500mm, providing ample legroom and headroom. The seat cushion length is 530mm, backrest height is 613mm, supporting 16-point massage, ventilation, and wrap-around heating functions, with the backrest's maximum reclining angle reaching 70 degrees and the leg rest's maximum adjustment angle at 78 degrees. Additionally, the second row is equipped with a smart fridge and a 50W phone fast-charging panel. The second-row side windows have an area of 0.98 square meters, offering excellent transparency.

The central aisle leading from the second row to the third row is 160mm wide, with a vertical height of 1352mm, making it easy for passengers of average build to enter and exit. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with four 50W wireless charging panels, six Type-C charging ports, and a 220V, 2.2kW in-car power supply under the fridge, supporting 3.5kW external discharge.

The third row seats are also commendably comfortable, supporting electric adjustment, equipped with soft headrests, and heating functions for the seat cushion, backrest, and side wings. The seat cushion length is 530mm, height is 613mm, with an adjustable backrest angle of up to 15 degrees, providing good leg support. The third-row seats support one-button folding to offer more storage space.

With the third-row seatbacks in an upright position, MEGA can accommodate four 28-inch suitcases and two 20-inch suitcases. The third-row seats support forward electric folding, and additional storage compartments are located under the rear cargo area floor.

The standard longitudinal length of the LIXIANG MEGA's trunk is 680mm, extending to 1066mm when the third-row seats are folded, with a standard volume of 689 liters and a maximum volume of 1936 liters. According to LIXIANG Motors, the trunk can easily accommodate the luggage of a family on a trip.

Power System and Energy Replenishment 

In terms of power, the LIXIANG MEGA's power system consists of a 155kW asynchronous auxiliary drive at the front and a 245kW synchronous main drive at the rear, with a system peak power of 400kW and a maximum torque of 542Nm. In the strongest power output mode, MEGA's acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes only 5.5 seconds.

Regarding the battery, the LIXIANG MEGA's battery pack has a capacity of 102.7 kWh. Using the LIXIANG 5C charging pile, the peak charging power exceeds 520kW, and the average charging power is more than 400kW. It can charge 500km in 12 minutes, with a maximum range exceeding 710km.

Charging Experience

Online Charging Pile Search: The App allows users to check the availability of nearby charging stations in real-time, with comprehensive and updated information, ensuring precise location of charging piles.

Intelligent Planning: Based on the remaining battery and navigation information, the system can automatically plan the best route and intelligently recommend en-route charging stations.

Plug and Charge: The liquid-cooled charging gun can be operated with one hand, starting charging immediately upon plugging in, without the need for scanning a QR code, saving time and simplifying the operation.

Seamless Settlement: Supports password-free payment, with automatic settlement after charging, allowing users to leave immediately after charging.

Charging Network Plan

LIXIANG Motors prioritizes the deployment of 5C supercharging stations along highways, where users most need super-fast charging speeds.

As of December 31, 2023, LIXIANG has completed and put into use 300 5C supercharging stations, achieving full connectivity in the core cities of the Jing-Jin-Ji, Yangtze River Delta, Greater Bay Area, and Chengdu-Chongqing economic belts.

From the first station in May to the 300th in December, it took only 254 days.

The 2024 goal is to launch over 2,000 supercharging stations, constructing a supercharging network with nine vertical and nine horizontal lines, achieving coverage of 70% of the national highways and 50% of the core urban areas in third-tier and higher cities.

By 2025, the aim is to bring online over 5,000 supercharging stations, covering 90% of the national highways and 90% of the core urban areas in fourth-tier and higher cities.

In terms of chassis structure, the front of the LIXIANG MEGA is designed with a double wishbone structure, while the rear features an H-arm multi-link setup, with an all-aluminum chassis covering the front and rear subframes and swing arms. Additionally, the MEGA is equipped with dual-chamber air suspension and CDC variable damping shock absorbers, allowing for a suspension adjustment range of 70mm. During high-speed cruising, the vehicle's height is reduced by 25mm, while in escape mode, it is raised by 40mm. Moreover, the dual-chamber air suspension provides enhanced comfort and sportiness to the vehicle. Officially, the air suspension of the MEGA is warranted for eight years or 160,000 kilometers. Regarding NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness), the first, second, and third rows of the LIXIANG MEGA are standardly equipped with acoustic laminated glass, and the vehicle features 48 cavity partitions throughout, with the entire series equipped with Michelin e·Primacy quiet tires.