Comparative Analysis of ZEEKR 001 Models: 2023 vs. 2024

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Comparative Analysis of ZEEKR 001 Models: 2023 vs. 2024

Feb 23rd ,2024

As the flagship electric vehicle of Geely's premium brand ZEEKR, the ZEEKR 001 has garnered high acclaim for its exceptional performance, innovative technology, and luxurious interior design since its launch. With continuous technological advancements and shifts in consumer demands, the ZEEKR 001 has been evolving. This article will compare the main differences between the 2023 and 2024 ZEEKR 001 models, alongside a brief introduction to the ZEEKR 001.

Introduction to ZEEKR 001

Positioned as a high-end electric sport tourer, the ZEEKR 001 combines the comfort of a sedan with the spaciousness of an SUV, aiming to provide an ultimate driving experience and passenger comfort. Equipped with an advanced electric drive system and cutting-edge tech features, the ZEEKR 001 stands out in the high-end electric vehicle market for its powerful performance, long battery range, and intelligent driving assistance systems.

Exterior Comparison

Rear End Design: The 2024 ZEEKR 001 model has eliminated the lower lip and rear wing compared to the 2023 model, offering a cleaner and more streamlined rear appearance. This design change not only optimizes the vehicle's aerodynamics but also enhances its futuristic and technological aura.

Camera and Lidar Integration: The 2024 model integrates a camera into the rear wing and adds lidar, significantly improving the vehicle's autonomous driving and environmental sensing capabilities.

Front Facade: Both models feature very similar front designs, maintaining ZEEKR's design language and ensuring brand consistency and recognition.

Ventilation Ports: The 2024 model introduces penetrating vents that aid in cooling the brake pads, an important improvement for vehicle safety performance.

Functionality and Technology Comparison

Kinetic Energy Recovery System: The 2024 ZEEKR 001 adopts the second-generation IPB kinetic energy recovery system, allowing for more efficient energy recapture during braking and further enhancing the driving range.

Brembo Brakes: Both models are equipped with Brembo pistons, ensuring superior braking performance, though the 2024 model may have refined details to complement the upgraded energy recovery system.

Charging Ports: The 2024 model integrates fast and slow charging ports at the left rear of the vehicle, simplifying the charging process. Additionally, a 220V charging cover is added to the rear luggage compartment, increasing charging flexibility.

Power Outlet Configuration: The 2024 model introduces a 12V 180W cigarette lighter socket, offering more convenience for rear passengers.

Interior and Comfort Comparison

As previously mentioned, the 2024 ZEEKR 001 model has undergone comprehensive upgrades in interior design, comfort configurations, and technology, such as physical buttons on the steering wheel, leg rests on seats, and a more advanced vehicle system, further enhancing the ride and drive experience.


The comparison illustrates that while the 2024 ZEEKR 001 retains the excellent qualities of the 2023 model, it has undergone comprehensive upgrades and optimizations in exterior design, power performance, and technological features. These changes not only meet market demands but also reflect ZEEKR's continuous pursuit of innovation and improvement. For consumers seeking a high-end electric vehicle experience, the ZEEKR 001 is undoubtedly a worthy consideration.