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Common Auto Parts

Jan 24th ,2024

Large and small maintenance, "five oil, three water", replacement parts cover almost 80% of the content of car maintenance and repair. So as a car owner you, it is very necessary to understand their specific functions. Today organized 15 common spare parts, let's learn together.

Five oil

Motor oil, transmission fluid (gear oil), brake fluid, steering fluid and gasoline; three water: antifreeze, glass water and battery water.

Motor oil

All known as the engine lubricant, the main role of the oil is in the engine running, in the engine needs to lubricate the position of the flow, reduce the wear and tear between the engine parts, to extend the use of engine


Spark Plug

Spark plugs introduce a high voltage current from the battery into the cylinders, producing an electric spark that ignites the gas mixture in the cylinders, thus starting the cylinders and starting the engine. Each cylinder must be equipped with at least one spark plug, and some models are equipped with two spark plugs per cylinder.

Oil FilterThe oil filter plays a role in filtering out debris, gums, and water from the oil, providing a guarantee of the oil's quality. In the oil replacement together with the replacement.

The role of the air filter element is to filter the dust suspended in the air when the engine is working to ensure that the intake air is clean. The air filter on the car is mostly made of paper, and the replacement cycle is about 10,000 kilometers, and the specific replacement is based on the use of the environment and the use of the situation.

Air conditioning filter

The role of the air conditioning filter is to filter the dust and pollen into the air conditioning system when the air conditioning is turned on, to ensure that the evaporator box, the air inside the car is clean.

Gasoline filter

Filter out impurities in the fuel, so that the mixture into the cylinder and then cleaner, both to protect the engine and make emissions more urgent environmental protection, divided into built-in type and external type.

Steering booster oil role is when the owner is turning the steering wheel, through the hydraulic effect, so that the steering wheel steering effort to become more relaxed.

Glass water

This one, as we all know, is used to clean the front and rear windshields or headlights. Glass water is divided into two kinds of winter and summer glass water, winter time according to the local temperature using the lower freezing point of the glass water, summer time glass water is mostly for cleaning the role of glue removal.

Brake fluid

Brake fluid also known as brake booster fluid, is the medium that transmits braking pressure in the braking system. When you step on the brakes, the brake fluid generates hydraulic pressure that pushes the air to make the brake pads and brake discs friction braking, and at the same time plays a role in cooling down the temperature.

Wipers With glass water

You will inevitably need windshield wipers to clean the front and rear glass. Wipers need to be replaced when they appear to be scraping water, and the replacement cycle is about 1 year.

Batteries, also known as batteries, the role of the car is not started when the car power supply, the current car more maintenance-free batteries, replacement cycle in 2-3 years, the price ranges from 300-1000 yuan.

Brake pads

Also known as brake linings, are the actuating parts of the braking system. Brake pads directly affect the performance of the brakes. When the brake pedal is pressed down, the brake pads will be squeezed on the brake disc or drum to rub to stop the wheel from rotating. Different driving habits can make a huge difference in the wear and tear of the brake pads, and it is recommended that they be checked and replaced in a timely manner.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is the oil used to keep the shifting system clean, which ensures the normal operation of the transmission and prolongs the life of the drive unit.


Antifreeze is also known as coolant, and as the name suggests, its main function is to prevent freezing and dissipate heat to the engine. Of course, antifreeze is not the same as water, and the substances incorporated in it can play a role in preventing corrosion and scale.

Clutch plate

Role is to transfer power to the transmission, the clutch plate generally do not need to be replaced, when there is an acceleration when the speed of the car is higher than usual, smell the smell of burning, shaking, gear difficulty should be checked and replaced.

Above these basic one sentence can be explained to understand the term, I believe we can quickly remember, after all, every day in dealing with the car, these basics or to master. Perhaps one day, you can also be based on the condition of the car to determine exactly where the fault appears.