Formidable Presence, Competing with Ferrari! 1306 Horsepower, 0-100 Acceleration in 2 Seconds – Surprisingly Now Available for Sale

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Formidable Presence, Competing with Ferrari! 1306 Horsepower, 0-100 Acceleration in 2 Seconds – Surprisingly Now Available for Sale

Jan 18th ,2024

Recently, there have been reports that BYD's pure electric supercar, the "Yongwang U9," has quietly begun accepting blind reservations! It's worth noting that the "Yongwang U9" currently only accepts blind reservation orders from Yongwang centers or experience stores across the country and does not support online orders. The blind reservation deposit for the "Yongwang U9" is as high as 100,000 yuan, while the "Yongwang U8" requires only 50,000 yuan as the initial deposit.

If this information is accurate, we speculate that the reason the "Yongwang U9" is using an offline approach with a 100,000 yuan high deposit for blind reservations is due to the fact that supercar models have limited market demand, and initial production capacity is restricted. Additionally, it seems that BYD aims to secure higher-quality orders to ensure customer loyalty.

In fact, despite the fact that the "Yongwang U9" has received almost no promotion, requiring blind reservations still entails some level of risk, indirectly demonstrating BYD's strong confidence in the competitiveness of the "Yongwang U9" product. Next, let's take a closer look at this million-dollar electric supercar that boasts "SkyTech" technology.

It must be said that the exterior design of the "Yongwang U9" is very commendable. However, it's worth noting that commendation doesn't necessarily imply that the design of the "Yongwang U9" is exceptional, as design is highly subjective. Personally, while I appreciate the current "Time Gate" design language of the "Yongwang U9," there are some who may not fully endorse this design language.

What's commendable about the "Yongwang U9" is that, as a top-tier supercar under BYD, it is still willing to make improvements based on consumer feedback, which represents true "user co-creation." To be honest, in this price range, car manufacturers that genuinely listen to consumer feedback and engage in user co-creation are few and far between.

The initial appearance of the "Yongwang U9" was indeed somewhat unconventional, but it has undergone at least three design revisions from its initial unveiling until it was officially certified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Today, the "Yongwang U9" boasts a very powerful overall appearance, in line with its character as a million-dollar electric supercar.

In terms of dimensions, the "Yongwang U9" measures 4966mm in length, 2029mm in width, and 1295mm in height (1338mm), with a wheelbase of 2990mm. The dimensions of the "Yongwang U9" are comparable to the latest hybrid flagship supercar "Revuelto" from Lamborghini, but the "Yongwang U9" has a significantly longer wheelbase.

Of course, the most controversial aspect of the "Yongwang U9" is its curb weight, which remains as high as 2475kg despite the extensive use of carbon fiber for weight reduction. For comparison, the notoriously heavy Bugatti Veyron weighs only 1888kg. It remains to be seen whether the "Yongwang U9" can compensate for its weight burden with its powerful performance and the renowned "Yun Che-X" intelligent chassis control system.

Built on the Yun Che platform, the "Yongwang U9" boasts four electric motors with a maximum power output of 240kW each, resulting in a combined power of 960kW. The formidable performance from the Yun Che platform enables the "Yongwang U9" to achieve a 0-100km/h acceleration in just two seconds, with a top speed reaching 300km/h.

In addition to its impressive power performance, the Yun Che-X intelligent chassis control system is a key feature that helps the "Yongwang U9" overcome its weight challenge. The Yun Che-X system offers ultra-fast attitude control capabilities, allowing advanced functions such as zero leaning, zero pitching, and even enabling the hefty "Yongwang U9" to perform spectacular maneuvers like "dancing," "high jumping," and even "three-wheel driving."

Please note that certain specific terms and measurements may have been adjusted for English-speaking readers.

This also means that the "Yongwang U9" is like Hong Kong's most agile heavyweight, Sammo Hung, with the added advantage of the Yun Che-X system. It can truly maintain a level of smoothness akin to a high-speed train even during intense driving.