Xiaomi SUV looks like Ferrari, Zeekr 007 SUV version exposed!

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Xiaomi SUV looks like Ferrari, Zeekr 007 SUV version exposed!

Jul 5th ,2024

In the blink of an eye, we have entered the second half of 2024. Major automakers are about to start another round of new car trends. New energy SUVs are naturally the main force. Among them, there are new cars that have been exposed but not yet on the market, and there are potential hot models that have just leaked road test spy photos. It's worth waiting!


Geely Galaxy Starship



In the new energy era, various automakers have come up with flagship-positioned SUVs, such as Yangwang U8, Wenjie M9, Ideal L9, etc., but Geely, as one of the top brands, does not have any products that can be shown off, which is somewhat regrettable. Fortunately, this embarrassing situation is about to be broken. Geely Galaxy's large SUV-Galaxy Starship is about to be mass-produced and listed.



At present, Geely Galaxy Starship has only released a prototype, but the body state is very close to the mass production version. The new car has a tall front and a sturdy body size. The straight waistline and the front and rear raised wheel eyebrows are full of muscle. The flat roof and full rear ensure the rear seat space. The interior adopts a minimalist design. The trapezoidal integrated screen and the hidden air-conditioning outlet bring a rich sense of layering. Of course, many sci-fi elements on the prototype will definitely not be retained on the mass production car, but the general design direction has been basically clear. In addition, the new car will be developed based on the GEA architecture, equipped with a new generation of Thor electric hybrid, Galaxy 11-in-1 intelligent electric drive, AI smart audio, AI smart seats, Galaxy AI digital elves, AI digital chassis and many other technological configurations, with a comprehensive range of more than 2000km, engine thermal efficiency of 46%, and the minimum power supply fuel consumption of 2L.


At present, the biggest problem of Geely Galaxy Starship is that the mass production progress is too slow. Highlights such as fuel consumption and battery life mentioned above are already achieved by some car companies at present. Do you think it can compete with the M9 after it is launched?


Xiaomi SUV


Ferrari Purosangue


Although the appearance of Xiaomi SU7 is controversial, appearance is king, so even at the risk of being ridiculed as a "Porsche Mi", there are still many car fans who have bought it. Recently, the spy photos of Xiaomi's second model were exposed on the Internet. The new car is positioned as a sports SUV and its shape is quite similar to the Ferrari Purosangue. Is the first "Farami" for young people coming?


                                                             Xiaomi SUV concept image, source: @Lamianshifu Design


From the exposed spy photos, the new car's front headlight shape is very similar to Xiaomi SU7, the front cabin is very low, and it is expected to provide a good field of vision. The body adopts a short front and rear overhang + long wheelbase ratio, and the shape is very slender. The wide C-pillar and fastback shape at the rear bring a full sense of muscle. The wheel rims can also be seen that it is equipped with the same yellow calipers as Xiaomi SU7. In addition, the compact body is matched with the long front cabin design, which is exactly the style of Ferrari Purosangue. It is expected that the new car will meet the preferences of young consumers in terms of sports driving control attributes. For power, you can refer to Xiaomi SU7. The single-motor version has a maximum power of 220 kilowatts and a maximum torque of 400 Nm. The dual-motor version has a maximum power of 495 kilowatts and a maximum torque of 838 Nm, and supports 800V fast charging.


As for the price, the new car is expected to focus on the 200,000-300,000 yuan range, which is more in line with the tone of the Xiaomi brand and the pricing rules of the current overly involuted automobile market. What do you think?


Zeekr CX1E

                                                              Zeekr CX1E conceptual image, source: @Lamianshifu Design

Previously, Zeekr's future new car plans have been exposed online. In 2024, in addition to the already released Zeekr MIX, there will be a mid-size SUV codenamed CX1E, which is similar to Zeekr 007 (CS1E). It can be understood as the SUV model of Zeekr 007.

Therefore, the various parameters of the new car are ready to be revealed, including the 800V electrical architecture, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip, and Zeekr 007's iconic smart light curtain. The power can also refer to 007. The power of a single motor can reach 310kW, while the front and rear motors of the dual-motor version have a power of 165kW and 310kW respectively. It is equipped with lithium iron phosphate or ternary lithium battery packs, and the cruising range is 600-800km. In terms of appearance, the new car is almost the same as the Zeekr 007 that was simply and roughly raised. It can also be seen that the body size of the new car has reached the level of a medium-sized SUV. Coupled with the conventional SUV shape rather than a fastback design, it is expected that the rear seat space will have good performance. The interior basically continues the overall layout of the Zeekr 007, but the steering wheel shape is closer to the new 001.