100,000 sets rolled off the assembly line in the first year of its launch. Why can Geely Galaxy L7 succeed in breaking through?

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100,000 sets rolled off the assembly line in the first year of its launch. Why can Geely Galaxy L7 succeed in breaking through?

Jun 12th ,2024

1st anniversary, 100,000 units, when these two numbers are concentrated on a new car, it is a compliment to it.

On May 27, the 100,000th Geely Galaxy L7 rolled off the assembly line at the Baoji Smart Factory. And on May 31, Geely Galaxy L7 also ushered in the first anniversary of its launch. Over the past year, Geely Galaxy L7 has quickly broken through in the most competitive 110,000-level new energy SUV track and has become a "new force" that cannot be ignored in the market segment.


Products and demand are always closely related. Behind the success of Geely Galaxy L7 lies a deep insight into market demand.


From the product point of view, Galaxy L7 is equipped with the "Thunder Hybrid 8848" new generation electric hybrid engine, which is a new generation of Thor electric hybrid system composed of 1.5T four-cylinder engine + motor. The engine is a Thor 1.5T hybrid dedicated engine. The maximum power of this engine is 163 horsepower, and the thermal efficiency reaches 44.26%. It also uses Geely's self-developed combustion control technology, which helps Galaxy L7 achieve 5.23L/100km of depleted fuel consumption and 1,370 kilometers of CLTC comprehensive endurance.


And the new generation of Thor electric hybrid system is matched with the new generation of Thor electric drive's "full-domain three-gear" 3DHT, with a transmission efficiency of 97.5%, and it is an electric drive that can realize P1+P2 dual-motor drive. Its acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers reaches 6.9s, which can be said to have achieved "both letting the horse run and letting the horse eat less grass".


More importantly, Geely Galaxy L7 has European driving control genes. After localization, the chassis texture has surpassed joint venture brands, leaving domestic hybrids of the same level far behind. Whether it is the zero-to-hundred acceleration (6.9s) that reflects the response speed, the maximum speed (241km/h), or the moose test that reflects the flexibility and stability of control, the results of Galaxy L7 are far better than those of hybrid SUVs of the same level.


According to statistics, among the owners of Geely Galaxy L7, people born after 1995 and 2000 account for 33%, and owners with bachelor's degrees or above account for 62%. Consumers at this level are more rational in consumption, have a deeper understanding of automobiles and technology, and have higher requirements for quality and experience.


For example, the most basic safety, Geely Galaxy L7 is built on the e-CMA architecture, with a high-strength cage body structure and an integrated hot-formed boron steel door ring. In order to ensure battery safety, Geely has also invented a patented "four horizontal and four vertical" floor structure to form an all-round ultra-rigid strength protection around the battery pack. In addition, Galaxy L7 also has a proud battery safety technology called "SHIELD Battery Safety System". In Geely's view, "battery cores will not catch fire after being punctured" is only the most basic requirement.


After doing a good job in safety, Geely Galaxy L7 continues to impress consumers with technological configuration and product experience.


Chinese consumers have always been more concerned about space and comfort. From the perspective of parameters, the wheelbase of 2785mm is at the TOP level among compact SUVs, so in terms of rear space, Galaxy L7 has absolute say in this level. Not only is the space large enough, but the most important thing is that it is very comfortable. The official calls the seats of Galaxy L7 "marshmallow comfort seats". The name sounds very soft, but in fact, this set of seats does not feel collapsed while providing a comfortable ride, and takes into account a good sense of wrapping and support.


In addition, Galaxy L7 also has a "pampering co-pilot" function. It adopts a unique asymmetrical design of the main and co-pilot door panel armrests. The co-pilot door panel armrests are higher, which satisfies the co-pilot's more comfortable hand-holding posture when riding. In terms of configuration, the queen's co-pilot seat with electric leg rest has heating, ventilation, massage, physical therapy, memory and other functions.


What's more interesting is that the Galaxy L7 also supports one-click adjustment of the best viewing position for the co-pilot. When the seat is reclined to 125 degrees, the user can get a vertical field of view of 9.6 degrees, and the distance between the eyes and the co-pilot screen is 860mm, forming a golden viewing position. With electric leg drag, infinity audio, seat massage therapy, etc., people sitting in the co-pilot can watch TV like lying on the sofa at home.


In order to make the operation of these screens as smooth as silk, the Galaxy L7 also carries the 8155 chip at a cost to ensure the boot speed, application response speed and voice wake-up speed. With Geely's self-developed Galaxy N OS, the Galaxy L7 can be said to be comparable to the new forces in terms of cockpit playability.


In terms of technological configuration and product experience, the Galaxy L7 has further strengthened its own boutique attribute barriers. This car-making concept is reflected in not attracting consumers with a simple "price-matching ratio", but in terms of quality, grade, technology, etc., and using differentiated functions and experiences to make consumers feel that they are worth the money, realizing the market perception of making high-end products affordable.