Five major hybrid “black technologies” at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show

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Five major hybrid “black technologies” at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show

Apr 24th ,2024

Five major hybrid “black technologies” at the

2024 Beijing Auto Show


The 2024 Beijing Auto Show is about to open. In the face of the current new energy trend, major domestic joint venture manufacturers have come up with the latest blockbuster "black technologies" this year. Especially in the field of hybrid technology, various hybrid solutions have fully covered multiple categories of sedans/SUVs, transverse/vertical hybrids, hybrid/plug-in hybrids, and family cars/performance vehicles, and have comprehensively strengthened various indicators of the entire vehicle.


BYD fifth generation DM-i

Representative model: BYD Qin L DM-i


BYD Auto launched its new A+ class sedan, the Qin L DM-i, for the first time at this year's Beijing Auto Show. The car is positioned higher than the Qin PLUS. It not only has comprehensive improvements in interior and exterior design, size and space, and functional configurations, but is also equipped with the fifth-generation DM-i for the first time. The i super hybrid system will bring more outstanding economy. In terms of price, the price of this Qin L DM-i may be around 120,000, which is used to replace the early Qin PLUS DM-i in the market.




In terms of hybrid architecture, Qin L DM-i still adopts the "hybrid-specific engine + front axle dual motors" technical route with a front transverse layout, and focuses on optimizing and upgrading the electromechanical coupling scheme. First of all, the car will be equipped with a hybrid-specific 1.5L L4 self-priming engine. Because it is an Atkinson cycle with a higher compression ratio, its maximum power is compressed to 74kW, but it has higher thermal efficiency and better fuel economy. The matching dual-motor unit has received a power upgrade, with its maximum power reaching 160kW, which is equivalent to the EHS160 on the Tang DM-i. The previous BYD Qin PLUS DM-i used the EHS145 with a maximum power of 145kW.



Finally, for the battery module, Qin L DM-i still applies a blade battery pack made of lithium iron phosphate material, with two capacities of 15.874kWh and 10.08kWh, corresponding to pure electric cruising ranges of 90km and 60km respectively. In addition, according to the declaration information, BYD Ocean Network will also launch the new Seal 06 model in the future, which is also the fifth-generation DM-i plug-in hybrid solution.


SAIC passenger car DMH super hybrid system

Representative model: Roewe D5X DMH


Following the D7 DMH, SAIC Roewe will bring the first hybrid SUV of the "D family" at the Beijing Auto Show - D5X DMH. The car applies a further upgraded 1.5T DMH super hybrid system, which is more technical than before. The hybrid system used by D7 DMH has also been fully upgraded. Its main competitors are BYD Song PLUS DM-i, Geely Galaxy L7, Chery Fengyun T6, etc.




First, in the engine part, this new car will be equipped with a hybrid-specific 1.5T L4 engine, using a VGT variable geometry cross-section exhaust gas turbocharger. Compared with the previous 1.5L self-priming, its maximum power is increased by 110k; at the same time, its ultra-wide thermal efficiency reaches 42% with the support of  WEGR exhaust recirculation and deep Miller cycle. The dual-motor unit also adopts the current mainstream P1+P3 layout, with maximum powers of 110kW and 145kW respectively, and supports two physical gears. Both the engine and dual motors can directly provide power.


According to official data, the standard lithium battery pack has a capacity of 21.4kWh and supports DC fast charging with a maximum power of 25kW. In addition, the hybrid system’s power loss and fuel consumption on the D5X DMH is as low as 4.62L/ 100km, with a pure electric cruising range 135km, and a comprehensive cruising range 1300km (CLTC test conditions).


(To be continued)