Test Driving the Zeekr 007: The New King of Luxury Pure Electric B-Class Sedans

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Test Driving the Zeekr 007: The New King of Luxury Pure Electric B-Class Sedans

Jan 31st ,2024

Recently, the Zeekr 007 held a test drive event in Guangzhou. Starting from the Zeekr Center in the heart of Tianhe North, the route encompassed Dongguan, crossed the Humen Bridge to reach Nansha, where free driving was enjoyed, and then returned through Panyu back to Tianhe North, covering over 200 kilometers. The drive tested various road conditions including bustling city areas, highways, expressways, rural roads, and construction sites, providing a comprehensive and in-depth experience of the Zeekr 007's ultimate pursuit in handling and riding comfort.

The Zeekr 007 made its official debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show on November 17, 2023, and opened for pre-sale. It was officially launched on December 27 and began deliveries in various locations on January 1, 2024, a testament to the impressive "Zeekr Speed".

Following the Zeekr 001, Zeekr X, and Zeekr 009, the Zeekr 007 is the fourth model under the Zeekr brand, positioned as a B-class luxury pure electric vehicle. The Zeekr 001, Zeekr X, and Zeekr 009 have all achieved good sales and reputations in their respective market segments. However, the competition in the segment entered by the Zeekr 007 is more fierce, and the B-class sedan market offers a larger capacity and greater potential. For Zeekr, in a critical phase of market expansion and scaling up, the success of this model holds significant meaning, and the company has high hopes for the 007, leaving no stone unturned in its configuration. Many car reviewers now say that the Zeekr 007 is very likely to replace the Model 3 as the new king of B-class pure electric vehicles, and after my test drive, I feel it indeed has that capability.

Let's first understand the basic details of the Zeekr 007. The car is 4865mm long, with a wheelbase of 2928mm, a width of 1900mm, and a height of 1450mm. It offers a choice of a 100kWh Kirin battery and a self-developed 75kWh Gold Brick battery by Zeekr, both meeting the 800V high-voltage fast charging standard. With the support of a full-stack 800V high-voltage system, it achieves a maximum CLTC combined driving range of up to 870km. The car is available in both four-wheel and rear-wheel drive versions, equipped with the latest generation intelligent cockpit operating system (ZEEKR 007 OS 6.0) and the "Vast Intelligence" driving system. The price range is between 209,900 to 299,900 yuan.

During our test drive of the four-wheel-drive intelligent version of the Zeekr 007, we had several particularly strong impressions.


Firstly, the entire body design of the Zeekr 007 is very eye-catching. The ultra-long wheelbase, combined with 21-inch wheels and a 1:2 golden wheel-to-height ratio, along with a seamless rear design, gives the Zeekr 007 a perfect side profile ratio that is grand yet elegant, stable yet dynamic. From the front, features like the clamshell hood, floating roof, and hidden front face design give the Zeekr 007 a highly integrated visual effect. The front face is simple, smooth, and highly recognizable, showcasing a low-key luxury aesthetic. From the back, the rounded rear seamlessly connects to a super-large 1.69 square meter nano-silver dome, exemplifying a perfect blend of power and beauty.

Secondly, the space design of the Zeekr 007 is very rational. As introduced, the "room rate" of the Zeekr 007 can reach 81.8%, surpassing many luxury executive sedans. Upon entering the car, one can immediately feel its spaciousness, whether it's the horizontal, vertical, or headroom space. The 945mm legroom and 1.31m seat width in the rear are rare in their class, providing ample space for three people to sit in the back without feeling crowded. With a 462L trunk, 31L front storage box, and 16 interior storage spaces, there is enough room for various travel scenarios. 

The intelligent cockpit experience of the Zeekr 007 is truly astonishing. First is its AR-HUD head-up display: the imaging area is impressively large at 35.5 inches, and the brightness is high, ensuring visibility under the sun or in long tunnels. Combined with the navigation system, it provides comprehensive and timely road information, making driving much more convenient. It's also incredibly useful for judging the distance from the car ahead. Furthermore, its voice interaction is smooth and responsive, accurately executing voice commands. Additionally, when using the central control screen for various searches and settings, there is no lag, thanks to the 8295 chip, 5NM process technology, 30TOPS computing power, and strong software optimization capabilities, all contributing to an exceptional in-car experience with the Zeekr 007.

Additionally, the Zeekr 007 excels in the area of intelligent driving assistance. We frequently used its NZP high-speed autonomous navigation assistance on the highway and found its intelligent speed control, automatic lane changing, and lane centering to be timely and stable. It was neither sluggish nor overly aggressive, instilling confidence in the driver, especially in its superior handling of various types of ramps compared to other vehicles. In urban road conditions, we used its enhanced LCC+ lane-centering assistance, which performed impressively well in densely populated areas.

Another standout feature is its advanced intelligent parking system. While many vehicles are equipped with assisted parking spaces with clear lines, the Zeekr 007's fingertip parking can accomplish automatic parking in the absence of parking lines, a rare capability in the industry. Fingertip parking means that you don't need a fixed parking space; you can enter a custom parking interface on the central control screen, see a virtual parking space, and then use your finger to drag this virtual parking space to plan the position and stop space. When it turns green, automatic parking is initiated, and the car will park in the actual position designated by the virtual parking space. This feature is extremely practical and user-friendly.

Lastly, the ride comfort of the Zeekr 007 is exceptionally high. The vehicle starts quickly, handles nimbly, and accelerates powerfully, with the four-wheel-drive model reportedly able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds. The brake response is rapid and the pedal does not sink, offering a pleasant driving experience. This shows that significant effort has been put into the traction control system and integrated intelligent braking system. Of course, the best experience comes from the ride, especially when sitting in the rear seat, smoothly handling various road surfaces including bumps and potholes. According to the engineers, this is mainly due to the standard CCD electromagnetic damping system in the four-wheel-drive model. This system can perform millisecond-level calculations and adjustments, buffering over bumps, suppressing side tilt, enhancing steering linearity, and reducing pitch during acceleration and braking. Additionally, hydraulic bushing technology is used in key areas to improve passability, with flowing hydraulic oil softening the rigid parts, and enhancing 40% of residual vibration filtering.

In summary, as a pure electric luxury B-class sedan meticulously crafted by Zeekr Technology, the Zeekr 007's highlights are far beyond the points mentioned above. Overall, whether it's in terms of exterior, interior, space, intelligent driving, or comfort, the Zeekr 007 achieves the best in its class. Its exceptional product strength is unquestionable. How it will fare in the market competition against the likes of the Model 3, Horizon S7, XPeng P7, BYD Han, and Seal, and whether it will become a new benchmark in its generation, is something we look forward to observing.