Why people still like Corolla?

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Why people still like Corolla?

Jan 12th ,2024

As one of the best seller in the automobile market, Toyota Corolla has been a famous and popular model for more the 57 years since the first generation introduced into people’s life.


Not so big, not so tall, or we just call it a compact sedan as an ordinary vehicle, Corolla gives us a excellent performance no matter what size it looks like. Stepping into the car, the workmanship and function is really impressive with the typical Toyota gene. Driving on road, it can not give you the aggressive feeling when you accelerate though, but you will feel comfortable and stable enough.


What I am saying does not mean the car is in a lower design. Toyota Corolla knows what they want and how to meet the majority of the consumers. Both the outside and inside, it was shaped in simple and neat lines with nothing exaggerated.


In 2022, Toyota launched the newest edition of Corolla. Maybe it was not such an eye-catching car in the China market when more and more people move their interest onto the EV brands produced by domestic auto manufacturers, but as one of the best sellers among millions of cars exported to overseas market, it still occupied a notable position. When customers tell the car dealers their order lists, you can hear the name of Corolla here and there.


Combined with petrol and electric power, the newest hybrid vehicle, 2023 1.8L Elite Dual Engine Edition, was very hot thanking for its modest price and descent quality. Introduced at less than $20,000 as the official reference price, this car can meet the desire of so many people to be the owner of a Toyota vehicle.


The time it was launched into market is May, 2023. The top power is 101kw. 4635mm x 1780mm x 1435mm in size and wheelbase is 2700mm in this compact car. The size of wheel is R16. For the petrol power part, this car is equipped with a 1.8L naturally aspirated engine, which top power can reach 98 horse power. The top torque is 142N·m and the top speed can be up to 160km per hour. Its gas mileage is as low as 4.07 Liters per hundred kilometers. On top of that, this car is made by one of the well known brands, which has the commercial value itself and people trust it in quality instead of taking a risk to buy an unknown brand. Safety wise, a lane departure warning system can help your car keep in the lane to avoid any danger caused by negligence. Further more, the vehicle is featured by a active braking system, can stop the car in advance while some person or something is cutting through the road in front of you, this function has a good performance especially under speed of 40 kilometer per hour. It is amazing that you can find a level 2 of autonomous driving system in this small car. This is almost the highest autonomous driving level in the present auto market because the higher level is not adopted into massive production in the automotive industry yet. Another interesting thing is, the cell in the ternary lithium battery is made by BYD. I think I need not to introduce BYD here. You also have alloy rim, reversion camera, LED head lights and LED daylight driving lights and also LED fog lamps. For a car in such a low price, it even provide you with a electrical sunroof. What else? The outside rearview mirrors have the heating function which will absolutely help you keep much more safer during  raining days.


It has so many advantages, then you may not require too much on some of its materials. The steering wheel is coated by plastic and the seats are covered by fabric. Regarding to the material of seats, some people prefer fabric rather than leather, especially for seats without ventilating system. Positioned as a compact vehicle, Corollas room is not spacious. It is just right enough but you can not expect too much headroom or legroom sitting inside.


In 2023 editions, Corolla improved its touchscreen with larger size and more clear experience. All editions are upgraded by offering a system, which supports not only Car-play software, but also Car-life and Hi-car so that you can connect various brands of mobile phone. No matter the phone is equipped by Android, or I phone operating system, or Harmony operating system. At the same time, the infotainment in the vehicle is getting more smoother than previous editions.


The top speed of this car is 160 kilometers per hour. Yet we do not suggest you drive that fast. Besides concern of safety, the noise outside is getting stronger while you step on the pedal to speed up and you can not bear the noise or feel comfortable before you drive as fast as 160.


Having a history of more than half century, Corolla is not one of the most luxurious cars, is not one of the most fast cars, even is not one of the most beautiful cars, though, it is definitely one of the famous cars and one of the best sellers. The design team of Corolla had done an excellent job, for catching the right point of the average level of peoples demand for a compact city car. And they controlled the production cost effectively so as to provide an affordable vehicle for peoples daily life.


Now let us summarize some main point here.


First of all, Corolla is a model produced under the famous brand Toyota. The trust to Toyota is one of the reason why people apt to buy a car like Corolla.


Secondly, the quality of the car is the main factor of our concerns when we buy a product not to mention a car which will cost you quite a lot of money.


At the same time, the price of a car is also a key point when a person is willing or decide to buy it. Corolla is one of the suitable models providing you a modest price.


In a word, no matter like it or not, Corolla enjoys a special fame in the automobile industry.